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The original Roll-A-Dock, Heavy duty bridge type truss frame work will span 48ft on one set of wheels. Designed to be Rolled into the lake in one piece then the inboard mounted winch raises and lowers the entire docks height at one time. The dock that was built for the rugged shorelines and changing water levels.

Hewitt Strength & Stability

This video shows what makes Roll-A-Dock the best Roll-In dock in the industry.




Hewitt's Dock Builder App

Design your custom Dock with this unique application, Hewitt's Dock Builder will allow you to customize our docks to fit your needs ...





Let the good times roll – Setting the standard in portable dock design since 1971

Roll-A-Dock is simply the fastest and easiest way to get full enjoyment from your waterfront property. In cold climates, there’s no need to endure frigid water – just roll it in and you’re ready for action. Roll-A-Dock is ideally suited to gradual slopes and works equally well on soft or rocky bottoms. A basic dock can be easily placed using a vehicle or installed in a matter of minutes by as few as two people.


Easy Adjustment Over a Wide Range of Depths

A built-in winch with removable hand crank allows quick height adjustment for different depths or changing water levels. Adjustments are easily made without ever stepping into the water. Standard Model adjusts from 2-1/2’ to 5-1/2’. Deep Water Kit adjusts from 2-1/2’ to 8’.

4' and 6' Widths, Aluminum or Galvanized Steel

While some portable docks are as narrow as 36”, Roll-A-Dock gives you the choice of 4’ or 6’ wide models - plenty of room for people to meet and pass. Select all-aluminum construction for low weight and easy handling or galvanized steel for maximum strength.

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